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Trick School for Dogs

Trick School for dogs
Fun games to challenge and bond


It is not always necessarilly to go to training classes to keep a dog occupied or teach him to perform certain tasks. Everybody can give a dog a good mental or physical work-out at home or during a daily walk with the use of dog tricks. This doesn't just have to involve the run-of-the-mill dog games. This book presents fun an challenging tricks to keep a dog eager and interested. Numerous photos make the practical application of these exercises simple and encourage the readers to 'try this at home' The main objective is for the human and the dog to enjoy themselves, as well as working together in harmony. This book also incorporates some tasks for guide and support dogs for the disabled.

110 pp

fully illustrated


  • ISBN-10: 3861279606
  • ISBN-13: 978-3861279600